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Okay so I'm in my first relationship ever(I'm 16) and I'm a bit nervous. Like I love my girlfriend with all my heart but the only way relationships can end is like breaking up or marriage(I know it's a bit early to be thinking of that) but I don't want either of those to happen like , I love her so much and she loves me (probs more tbh) and I don't really wanna ever break up, but she's also not the type of person I'd marry. Is this like normal in a relationship b/c if it is idk if I can do this
- Anonymous

its okay to be nervous, its your first relationship!! im probably going to puke from being so nervous when i get my first boyfriend tbh so dont worry about being nervous but to be honest i think youre just thinking about it too much, just keep being normal with the relationship, youre only young. who knows, if you break up then you get your first heartbreak and it’ll be hard but it’ll get better or you could stay with this girl and realize she is the girl you want to marry. just keep doing what youre doing now, go on cute dates, give her your hoodie, hold her hand, etc etc dont focus on the future focus on the present 

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